"Things To Know Before I Go"
The forms contained in "Things To Know Before I Go" are not intended to take the place of an estate plan,
trust, will or advanced health care directive.  They are intended to be used as a source of supplemental
information.  The forms are not legally binding documents.  

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"Things To Know Before I Go" is a compilation of forms on which you record your
essential end-of-life information in an orderly manner.  The forms are easy to read and
understand.  The forms are divided into categories which include information as basic as
your name and personal data to more complex issues such as listing financial accounts,
medical and life insurance information, military benefits, funeral wishes, notifications to be
made, what to do with pets and everything in between. An estate plan/trust directs your heirs
how you want your assets and personal belongings distributed upon your death, it does not
necessarily give all the details which will be required to do so.  And, should you become
incapacitated, these details will also need to be available to those handling your affairs for

Please see the list below for a full list of categories.     

Categories include:

  •        Identifying Information
  •        Personal Medical Information & Family Medical History
  •        Immediate Notifications to be made
  •        Funeral Services and Obituary
  •        Life Insurance
  •        Location of Important Documents
  •        Bank and Credit Union Information
  •        Investments and Brokerage Account Information
  •        Miscellaneous Outstanding Loans
  •        Real and Personal Property
  •        Vehicles
  •        Income Tax
  •        Retirement and Social Security
  •        Military
  •        Pets

Whether we like to think about it or not, death is a part of life.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a
matter of when and there are no exceptions.  So, who needs
"Things To Know Before I
?  The answer to that is everyone.  This book can be of benefit to anyone – young, old,
single, married, people with aging parents, couples with children, people with a trust or will
or who are planning to have a trust or will drawn up.  

Once you have completed the forms, the details of your financial assets and personal
essential information will be documented in an easy-to-read format conveniently
consolidated in one organized document.  You only need to advise your family or the person
responsible for your affairs where the book is.  In the event you suddenly become ill or
incapacitated, the individual responsible for assisting you in your affairs will have
everything he or she needs to take care of your business.  In the event of your death, the
person responsible for settling your estate will have all the details of your affairs.  

Additionally, leaving a detailed listing of your financial information should assist in making
sure that there are no accounts or assets missed or left unclaimed.  
"Things To Know Before I Go" is an 8-1/2" x 11" spiral-bound information organizer.  
The loose binding allows the book to lay flat for easy use.  The forms are printed in a
larger font for easy readability.  The laminated front and back covers provide long-lasting
durability and protect the contents even with repeated use.  Everything you and your heirs
need to know what you have and where it is.  A simple, easy, inexpensive way to
document your information for use by your family upon your illness or death.     
Don't  wait...life can change in an

Don't leave your family searching for
your information to help you if you
become ill.  

Don't leave them wondering where to
find your important documents while
they are grieving your death.

"Things To Know Before I Go" is just
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document your personal and financial
information. One book is suitable for
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